Highlight your natural beauty and elevate your own style.

Designer Amy Houston

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Whether you are searching for a fresh look, or just wanting to add a little something extra to create a fun new collection, we are happy to help you make the perfect choice. We aim to design jewelry that you can mix and match with your old favorites or wear alone for a minimalist look. Whatever you need, we hope you will find it here. We are always creating new designs, many limited edition and one-of-a-kind treasures. We aren't afraid to step outside our comfort, so if you have ideas to share, we would love to hear it.

Raw + Refined Collection

Featuring a Limited Edition, Raw+Refined, Collection. The designs from this collection are created from an array of hand picked gemstones that exhibit natural character and deliver positive energy in each piece. Elevate your style and represent who you are! Positive energy is contagious!

We believe...

It's All About YOU!

We all deserve to feel beautiful, stylish, special and confident. A simple piece of jewelry can play a huge role in making you feel good about yourself or valued by someone else. Our designs highlight what you already are. Believe it. Live it! XOXO